Our Story

Welcome to the FamilyFun Archery ™ Center. I’m Dave Anderson, Owner and Club Director of FamilyFun Archery. Why FamilyFun you may ask? Well, I have been in the technology field for over 25 years with companies such as the American Automobile Association (AAA), Adaptec, Aetna, Oracle and Hewlett-Packard (HP); traveling many times around the world for work. While I was single, the traveling and long hours work style was just a way of life. When I got married to my wonderful wife Cindy, she allowed me to continue to travel without too much complaint. When we were expecting our first daughter in 2004, my wife suggested I find a job that had limited travel so that I could be home with “Family”.

I took a job with a start-up division that had very little travel. However, as start-ups go, I ended up working many hours at the office every day. I watched my first daughter’s year via video camera. I bought a camcorder and Cindy filmed our daughter each day and I would try to see little snippets late at night when I came home. This worked until my second daughter was born. I decided then that I would take some time off and find a job where I could work from home or be at home to enjoy my young family.

After several months, I was working as a consultant from home. The travel wasn’t too bad at first, with only one quick 2 day trip a week to start. This helped out somewhat with becoming more of a family. Over the next few years though, the travel became more frequent. I was approached by a friend at HP and he said HP was looking for senior consultants to help out with only limited travel. Sounded like a good idea so I switched again.

1,000,000 million miles in the sky and 200+ nights a year in a hotel is not family fun.

Dave Anderson

Well, the limited travel lasted all of one month and now I was traveling every week. At least at the start I was home on Mondays and Fridays but still leaving every week. That grew and grew until I was traveling first thing Monday morning and coming home late Friday night. Right back where I started.sunset1

Then one day at the end of January 2015 when I was flying at 30,000 feet and looking out at a beautiful sunset, I had an epiphany. Family should mean spending time with the ones you love and it should be fun. I had already missed almost half of my daughters’ childhood and I did not want to miss the other half. I walked with Cindy the next day and told her Family is too important to have it “fly” by and that I was going to quit my job and take time off to be with my family. The next Monday I gave my 2 week notice and traveled my last business segment which put me past 1,000,000 miles in the sky.


It took several months to figure out what to do next. We had not won the lottery so we still had to have an income. I spent some time volunteering at our church doing repairs (a never ending list there), as well as helping Cindy enrich her home based business with Thirty-One Gifts. I spent a lot of time with my daughters (now 9 and 10) to try to make up all the time I missed. During this time together, I saw my daughters smile more, I got to tuck them into bed each night and got to sleep in my own bed each night. I think the only downside was that Cindy now had to endure my snoring every night.

Then my 9 year old (though 8 at the time) told me she wanted a real bow and arrow for her birthday. Since she does seem to change her mind frequently, I told her she needed to try it first and see if she really liked it (and convince me she would stick with it). I searched around and found a JOAD program that had an opening. She tried it and it has now stuck with her quite solidly. The only issue…the program is 40 miles away. I searched around and could not find any other indoor programs nearby. There were some good programs either just as far or even a little closer but they were all outside. I thought to myself, this is Central Florida, it is summer and it is HOT outside.  This has to be changed.

I did some research, and then some more and then it came to me; just open a new business and offer what I could not find to others in the area. The difference though, it had to be family oriented, it had to be fun and it had to be here in Central Florida.

So using my past business knowledge, doing a lot of research, getting certified to teach archery and contacting a lot of community groups I have now created FamilyFun Archery.