FamilyFun Archery JOAD

At FamilyFun Archery we invite all young people from 8 years old to 20 years old* who have gone through Explore Archery, completed a beginning archer class or can show that they are able to shoot on their own with little assistance to participate in our JOAD programs. The program starts with warm up exercises and then 10 ends of three arrows to score up to 300 points. Achievement pins can be earned for shooting as low as 40 points for the beginner. Awards slowly move up the scale including moving from shooting at 9 meters up to 18 meters for more advanced archers. This allows every archery to find success at their own pace.

Our instructors observe and give advice on how to improve archery skills during these sessions. JOAD sessions can be broken up by skill levels depending on the amount of youth signed up for each session.

JOAD sessions are scheduled weekly and space should be reserved prior to arriving. Walk ups for a scheduled session are welcome but limited to space available.

Don’t have your own archery equipment? No problem! We have student bows and arrows to use while in a FamilyFun Archery program at no additional charge. You of course may use your own equipment as long as it passes a safety review from one of our certified instructors.

* – Archers must have the focus, strength and maturity to participate regardless of age. FamilyFun Archery Instructors have the final decision to determine if an archer is ready for a group style lesson. If an archer is not ready for a group environment, we have private 1 on 1 lessons that might better fit your particular challenge.